The company was founded on 1.10.1999, under the name Air-Tech Bud Limited Liability Company on the basis of one of the local departments of Zakłady Budowy Maszyn i Aparatury im. L. Zieleniewskiego in Cracow.

Air-Tech-Bud is a 100% private company, built from scratch in the last 10 years. At that period, all the production halls have been built and equipped.

The company has two main departments:

Department of Machining and Heat Treating (WOSiC)
Department of Welded Structures (WKS)

In addition to the above departments, Air-Tech-Bud has a repair and construction brigade, modern machinery park, well-equipped Department of Welded Structures, firing and cutting metals, as well as very dedicated and highly skilled staff, which guarantees the production and services at the highest level.

The company has for its own needs a large rental firm of tools, template and special instrumentation.