Air-Tech-Bud Limited Liability Company is a manufacturer of complete machines, parts and components for machinery. Hence you will find the product variety, being the core of production in our company. We manufacture components and assemblies for machines.

The Department of Machining and Heat Treating manufactures workpieces through machining; (turning, milling, drilling, remachining), plastic forming; (bending pipes, rods and sheets), heat treatment; (annealing, tempering, hardening), thermo-chemical; (carburizing, nitriding), galvanic treatment; (galvanization, chroming), as well as machining of welded structures for complete machines.

In the Department of Welded Structures, an essential part of production are steel structures (which are components of machinery, complete steel structures of industrial halls and warehouses, wind power plants, waste tanks, containers, as well as stainless steel and acid-proof stainless steel, etc.).

Departments of our company are closely linked and provide mutual services. In this way, it is possible to implement projects that involve welding and machining.

Air-Tech-Bud Limited Liability Company focuses on the development and modernization in order to improve our technical and technological capabilities, as well as abilities to acquire and satisfy new and ever growing needs of the market for machinery and services.

Air-Tech-Bud Limited Liability Company is constantly searching for new strategic clients (mainly end-users of machines, parts and structures).

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